Milestone Komatsu HM300 ADT goes to Imerys

Komatsu Europe announce sale of 1,000th HM300 articulated dumptruck to Croix-Gérard Quarry
KOMATSU Europe have announced the sale of their 1,000th HM300 articulated dumptruck, (ADT) which was first launched on the European market in 2003. The new 30-t…

Why DEF is the trucking acronym that gets my blood boiling

DEF. I don’t think there is a more hated acronym in all of trucking. DOT even pales in comparison. Would you rather a CRA audit, or DEF issues?
“Alex, I’ll take CRA audits for $1,000 please.”
DEF, of course, stands for diesel exhaust fluid. Unfortunate…

IEA report on Canada welcomes SMR developments

17 January 2022
The International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) Canada 2022: Energy Policy Review has found that, since the last IEA review in 2015, Canada has made a series of enterprising international and domestic commitments and has made progress towa…