Fiat Fastback, made for Latin America, resonates in Europe and the USA

Fiat hasn't even launched the Fastback yet, just released the first two official photos of the model, which should hit the market in September or October. The project is exclusive to Latin America: production will be in charge of the Betim factory, which will export it to several countries in the region. Even so, the SUV gained space in communication vehicles in the United States and Europe.

The North American website Carscoops published the two images of the Fiat Fastback and explained that it is a variation of the Pulse, which is also restricted to the south of the continent. The publication also says that the one on the rear resembles that of the BMW X6. Some commentators, however, did not approve of the model's design, in particular the shape of the body's side plates.

In Portugal, it was the "Aque Maquina" that resonated with the Fiat Fastback. The site even recalled a concept car named after the same name, shown at the Sao Paulo Auto Show in 2018: it was based on the Toro truck, but served as a starting point for the design of the new SUV. The text even raises the possibility of the vehicle reaching the European market.

Fiat Fastback White Banchisa from rear

In addition to the sharp drop in the glass, the rear draws attention due to the sharpened taillights

This possibility, however, is remote.

Although the SUV market is booming all over the world, the Fastback is based on the Fiat MLA platform - the same not only as the Pulse, but also the Argo and Cronos -, which only exists in Latin American markets. It is worth remembering that the European range of the Italian brand is completely different from the national one.

How will the Fastback fit into the Fiat range?

In Brazil, the Fastback will be the most sophisticated and expensive car in the Fiat line, with the exception of the Toro. The SUV will hit the market only with a 1.0-litre turbo, capable of developing up to 130hp of power and 20.4kgfm of torque, always associated with a CVT-type automatic gearbox with seven simulated gears.

New equipment is also expected.

Watch the Fiat Pulse Impetus video, which has the same mechanics as the Fastback:

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