BorgWarner to provide battery systems for e-trucks

Automotive supplier BorgWarner (NYSE:BWA) has announced multiple development, including a contract from a European manufacturer to power its first range of heavy-duty electric trucks. The company has previously with this customer on high-voltage prototype vehicles. For the latest project, BorgWarner (BWA) will provide the latest generation of its ultra-high energy battery system, which is said to offer a 50% increase in energy density over its predecessor.

Developed for energy-intensive electric drivetrain applications operating at up to 747 volts, each 9 AKM battery pack stores 98 kWh of energy and comes ready to install with all connectors.

Three packs will be used to supply 294 kWh to power the 4x2 truck and four packs to provide 392 kWh to the 6x2 truck.

BorgWarner (BWA) has also won contracts from a global automaker and one Chinese automaker to provide its advanced High-Voltage Coolant Heater (HVCH) technology for their new electric vehicle models.

Additionally, Italian service provider Route220 has installed the first units of BorgWarner's new fast-charging station, Iperion-120.

The DC device is said to offer high-speed charging, ease of use and longevity

In other news, the automotive supplier topped consensus estimates with its Q2 earnings report.

Shares are up 2% pre-market on the news