Why fuel protesters are blocking the M4 and M62 motorways

A fuel protest is expected to cause disruption for commuters in south Wales on Monday, and some of those taking part have been explaining why. Police have warned of "serious disruption throughout the day" as protesters target motorways in a demonstration over high fuel prices. Delays are expected along parts of the M4 as protesters take action and call for a cut in fuel duty.

Richard Dite, a 44-year-old mobile welder from Maesteg who commutes to Cardiff, says that the cost of his commute has more than doubled. He says: "If we get arrested, we get arrested. It's costing me upwards of GBP300 a week just to get to work.

It was GBP125 before the price increases. I am on the verge of putting my gear in the shed. I would be better off on the dole.

That's not me. I am a worker. Something's got to happen.

They are on about Great Britain. What's great about it?" Read more:Live updates as protests set to cause disruption

Vicky Stamper, 41, from Cwmbran says she is taking part after losing her job as a HGV driver, making it difficult to pay the bills "I am taking part to stop the government fleecing us and to say that we want to be able to get to work without being penalised," she said. "I lost my job because my boss couldn't afford to fill the truck, and I am now having difficulty paying the bills. With the cost of living crisis as well, it's such a difficult time anyway."

Vicky Stamper has lost her job

Alex, a 20-year-old truck driver from the Forest of Dean, said: "We have always filled up with GBP70 but the amount you get is dropping every day."

Howard Cox Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign says: "These are not just demonstrations against the record excruciatingly high petrol and diesel prices that rise each and every day. They are also about the sickening chronic manipulation of pump prices and the complete lack of scrutiny by our out of touch Government, in allowing unchecked petrol and diesel profiteering to run rife." "And at the same time this allegedly self proclaiming low taxation Conservative Government is wallowing in GBP3billion of extra VAT in just the last year alone.

All due to these record unaffordable prices. They continue to be in denial, a state of torpor and seem clueless in reducing the pain of the crippling cost of living crisis." "With UK petrol prices currently 20p more than the average across 35 European countries and Diesel 25p more, Rishi Sunak must cut Fuel Duty by at least 20p and introduce PumpWatch before the economy is ruined even more."

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