Truck driver accused of killing Haryana DSP arrested from Rajasthan

Truck driver accused of killing Haryana DSP arrested from Rajasthan Written by Priyali Dhingra Jul 21, 2022, 05:03 pm 3 min read

Truck driver accused of killing Haryana DSP arrested from Rajasthan Tauru DSP Surender Singh Bishnoi was crushed under a truck while investigating illegal mining activities in Nuh on Tuesday.

The Haryana Police have arrested the driver of a truck that ran down a 59-year-old DSP earlier this week. In a shocking incident on Tuesday, DSP Surender Singh Bishnoi was crushed by a local truck due to his crackdown on illegal mining activities in the Aravalli hills area. The driver was found hiding in a Rajasthan village about 30 hours after the incident.

Driver nabbed 30 hours after alleged murder

The Haryana Police cracked down on the prime accused with dozens of raids and an extensive investigation. Thirty hours after he allegedly ran down Bishnoi, Haryana Police traced his location to a village in the Bharatpur area of Rajasthan on Wednesday evening. He was found hiding in a shop in the Gangora village by Haryana's crime investigation agency. Investigation Haryana Police and CIA worked round the clock

The Haryana Police formed 10 teams comprising cops from three districts and Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) personnel. The teams carried out 30 raids in Nuh and adjoining Rajasthan districts, but worked on a local tip to finally nab the accused. "Police and CIA worked round the clock to make the operation succesful," Nuh SP Varun Singla told The Times of India.

Local miners 'No syndicate involved, accused mined stones for local sale'

A total of six men have been accused of the DSP's murder, of which four are still absconding. The men belong to Panchgaon village which is about 2 km away from the site of the incident. Ruling out the involvement of a syndicate, the police said, "The accused went to old quarries in Nuh when local demand increased and mined stones for sale." Government orders judicial probe

State government announced that it will be conducting a judicial probe into Bishnoi's murder. "We have decided to get a judicial inquiry conducted into the death of the DSP by the mining mafia in Mewat and all other circumstances of illegal mining in the area," State Home Minister Anil Vij tweeted. The last rites of the Tauru district DSP will be organized on Thursday.

Twitter Post 'DSP touched belt on forehead, always prioritized work'

Sarangpur, Haryana | He would always prioritise his work, would touch his belt on forehead...We would tell him not to be at forefront but he would assure us that nothing will happen to him:Kaushalaya Priyanka, wife daughter(resp)of DSP Surender Singh who was killed during duty

-- ANI (@ANI) July 20, 2022

DSP crushed under wheels of the truck

Shabir alias Mittar had crushed Bishnoi under the wheels of his truck at an illegal mining site in the Nuh district when he was cornered by the DSP. The truck was reportedly carrying illegally excavated stones. Mittar's cousin, also in the truck at the time of the incident, was arrested on Tuesday itself but the former had switched off his phone to evade surveillance. Accused drove towards Bishnoi, threatened 'consequences'

When then the local police reached the mining spot in Panchgaon on Tuesday, Mittar and his cousin blocked the road by offloading mined stones. DSP Bishnoi's team caught up with the dumper truck when the accused allegedly pulled out their guns and threatened them with "consequences." They drove the truck towards Bishnoi, who did not get the chance to step away.

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