A Man Sparked A Spectacular Chase After Stealing An Amazon Truck

Riverside California Police Chase

a subject a. was the hero of harassment Police officer allegedly robbed two houses and later a cargo vehicle of a company heroinein which he wanted to run. Riverside Police Department Video of the incident made public in which it can be seen how many patrols chase after the truck, which leaves Cars damaged on its way, The incident is from California, USA.

According to the officials, the report was received about Encroachment At two addresses located in Mobile Home Park in the 2900 block of Atlanta Avenue and in the following act, the original driver called the police to report his unit's eviction. Then the elements traced the thief.

"Officers noticed a stolen delivery van on Arlington Avenue and Victoria Avenue and they tried to stop him, suspicious not produce and took them through the streets of the city towards the 60 freeway. He crossed midway along Martin Luther King Boulevard and collided with a vehicle on Canyon Crest Drive.

He walked on the highway for several minutes when Intentionally collided with three occupied vehicles", elaborated the police station. The theme was staged in Riverside, Calif. Photo: Riverside Police Department

The chase ended after the subject, identified as Quentin Journal Larks is 32 years oldAmazon decided to flee on foot, leaving the truck unusable. Finally arrested in the streets of the day After the subject took himself to the authorities as he could no longer escape.

Originally from Las Vegas, the suspect was arrested and then taken to medical services where he received medical clearance to continue with the charging process.

The youth has been taken into custody and registered in the police station. Robert Presley Detention Center where he will be charged six felonies,

- Attempted murder.

- Burglary with breaking in.

- Carjacking.

- Attack with lethal weapon.

- Theft was done due to the negligence of the police.

Injuries can be caused by driving under the influence of drugs.

The theme was staged in Riverside, Calif. Photo: Riverside Police Department The theme was staged in Riverside, Calif.

Photo: Riverside Police Department

General Larks was given million dollar bail, The Riverside Police Department said his crime would be decided in court and he would be presumed innocent until then. really No death or serious injury was reported., Material damage, however, was critically assessed by the organization.

"The restraint and professionalism displayed by our officers, field supervisors and dispatchers during this intense and chaotic situation has not only Arrest of a very dangerous criminalBut they demonstrated the high level of training our department runs to keep Riverside safe," said Captain Chad MilbyWho is in charge of Field Operations Division.

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