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Fact Check-Image of CTV News headline claiming that Canada is considering segregating by vaccination status on aircrafts is fake

By Reuters Fact Check

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Canadian outlet CTV News did not publish a headline reporting that the Ministry of Transport is considering creating an unvaccinated section at the rear-end of aircraft. The image is digitally altered and was never published by CTV News.

The CTV masthead is viewable in the top left corner of the image, with an alleged headline that reads: "Ministry of Transportation considers creating unvaccinated section at rear of plane." The supposed sub-headline reads: "The Ministry of Transportation has announced they are currently conducting a study to determine the feasibility of allowing unvaccinated travellers to fly if they are seated in a segregated area at the back of the plane."

One user who shared the image on Facebook said: "And we have been wondering if we're losing our minds? Unbelievable stupidity!!!" (here)

Another said: "Oh.

More segregation and discrimination by the government and apathatic [sic] Canadians who obviously don't care what's going on unless it directly impacts them" (here).

Other examples of the falsified image shared on social media can be seen (here), (here), (here), (here) and (here).

CTV News did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.

Reuters did not find the alleged headline published on the CTV News website (archive.ph/wip/To6h7).

A Google advanced search similarly did not produce any article with the alleged headline (archive.ph/wip/e11Vq).

A Twitter advanced search did not reveal the alleged article published via the CTV News Twitter account (@CTVNews) (archive.ph/wip/6wuy9).

The image is an example of 'imposter content' which is a type of content that impersonates a legitimate organization such as a news outlet to push forward a claim or narrative (here).

Reuters did not find any news reports claiming that the Canadian Ministry of Transport are considering creating unvaccinated sections on aircrafts. Frederica Dupuis, a representative for the government, told Reuters "Transport Canada is not considering creating designated sections for unvaccinated travellers on federally regulated means of transport."

Vaccination is a requirement to fly into or depart from Canadian airports, with several exceptions (here).

Reuters has previously addressed imposter content in the form of digitally altered images purporting to show legitimate headlines published by news organizations (here), (here).


Altered. Canadian outlet CTV News did not publish a headline claiming that the Ministry of Transport is considering creating unvaccinated sections on aircrafts.

The image is digitally altered, and no such headline was published by the outlet.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team.

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