Contain and restrain pallet loads with RackNets™ safety netting and the Dynamic Locking Gripple® System

Installing inferior rack netting solutions in your warehouse could be putting both stock and personnel at serious risk, Warehouse Partners has warned the warehouse industry.

Warehouse Partners, the leading supplier of labelling and integrated safety solutions for the warehouse, specialises in the supply of quality products to support warehouse safety. These products are rigorously tested to ensure they are the best solutions on the market, helping add value to their clients' offer.

Chris Hopkirk, Sales Director at Warehouse Partners, said: "Inferior netting products being supplied to warehouse operators are not everything they are claimed to be. We never compromise on safety, which is why all our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they perform as they should. "When it comes to netting, our RackNets(TM) Back-of-Rack dynamic safety system is the only solution of its kind proven to be capable of containing and restraining pallet loads of up to 1,000kg.

We are convinced this British-made product is the best solution available on the market today for preventing product fall-out and minimising risk from falling loads within the warehouse. Maximum operational efficiency is ensured and return on investment is strong." Alternative products for load restraint include Steel Mesh.

This is designed to prevent stock - normally weighing up to 50kg - and not a pallet from being accidentally dislodged by a forklift driver during storage or retrieval. In this instance, a steel mesh panel is mounted behind each pallet in the racking with the idea being that if a box or load is dislodged then the mesh screen prevents it from falling out of the rack. In truth, when a pallet hits Steel Mesh, the chances are it will push through, dislodging the Steel Mesh panel, leaving the pallet free to fall into the aisle below, potentially killing or injuring personnel or at best, damaging valuable stock.

There is an added danger that the Steel Mesh panel could also be dislodged and fall, again posing a risk to the safety of workers below. Mr Hopkirk said fitting an inferior restraining system posed serious risks to the safety of workers and damage to stock. In the event of a serious accident where a worker is injured or in a worst-case scenario, killed due to a falling load, companies could also find themselves in breach of health and safety regulations for failing to ensure the safety of their workers.

He does emphasise however that this is a risk reduction system, and that to ensure proper safety at all times, a workplace risk assessment and safe system of work should be carried out considering all other risks. The RackNets(TM) system supplied through Warehouse Partners is trusted by warehouse operators throughout the UK, with Warehouse Partners having so far, supplied more than 300km of the netting to its trade customers. The RackNets(TM) product owes its reputation to the exclusive Dynamic Locking Gripple(R) System.

RackNets(TM) is the only back- of-rack safety system that is made up of five, specifically engineered components designed to work as one solution - to safely contain and restrain a dynamic load. No other back of rack safety system can do this. Warehouse Partners' customer, Chris Evans, of WP Group, said: "Having looked at the options for a back-of-rack safety solution for my client's pallet racking I chose the RackNets netting solution from Warehouse Partners.

This is the only back-of-rack system that has been tested to contain and restrain a 1000kg pallet.

In addition, their patented Gripple tension system has been tested to withstand dynamic loads."

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