More national toll roads for trucks and lorries – plans of the Ministry of Infrastructure

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This year, the Ministry of Infrastructure plans to expand the network of toll sections of national roads by 1,500 kilometers – said Jaroslaw Waszkiewicz, director of the Public Roads Department at the Ministry of Infrastructure, during a session of the Parliament’s Infrastructure Committee. He added that the ministry will operate in cooperation with the ministry of finance.

– The truck toll network operates today for approximately 3,700 kilometers and has not been expanded since 2017. In the meantime, the National Road Fund was fed with revenues and financed the implementation of a large investment program consisting mainly in the construction of expressways and some highways.

So in the meantime, we have already built 1,500 kilometers of expressways and highways, which are functioning (…) and could be subject to tolls, but they are not yet – said Waszkiewicz.

1,500 km more toll roads for trucks – MI plans

– We have indicated these 1,500 km of roads, broken down into individual sections, for the first extension of the electronic toll system for heavy goods vehicles, which we want to take place in 2022 – he added.

The target network of highways and expressways in PolandPAP / Adam Ziemienowicz


E-TOLL toll collection system

The director recalled that the new e-TOLL toll collection system, based on satellite positioning technology, has been operating independently for four months. It replaced the earlier viaTOLL system, which used the short-range communication (DSRC) technology.

Waszkiewicz also informed that the Ministry of Infrastructure is currently preparing a notification of a new toll collection network for heavy goods vehicles, which will be sent to the European Commission.

– After obtaining approval, in this notification we send information about the entire new system about the entire existing network and the future planned toll collection network. We focus on highways and expressways that are already built and those that will be built by 2030 as part of the National Road Construction Program.

This information will be included in the notification, forwarded to the European Commission and, after obtaining the relevant decision of the European Commission, it will be possible to physically expand (the network – ed.) – said the director.

Waszkiewicz explained that the technical structure and technical functionalities of the e-TOLL system make it possible to quickly and efficiently expand with limited costs compared to the previously operating viaTOLL system.

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