Tatneft expects early 2022 equipment delivery for Kazakh tire project

Saran, Kazakhstan – KamaTyresKZ LLP, a joint venture tire project between Russia’s Tatneft and Kazakhstan’s AllurTyres LLP, is progressing the construction work on its production facility in Saran with a new financial lease agreement.  The company entered into the leasing transaction with Kazakhstan-based JSC Industrial Development Fund for the purchase of ‘modern automated tire equipment’, said Tatneft in a 22 Nov statement.  Supported by the Kazakh government, the lease provides for the purchase of equipment from machinery manufacturers, including Mesnac, Konstrukta, Vipo, Prozax, Comerio Ercole and Nakata Engineering, according to Tatneft.

The first deliveries of equipment to the construction site will begin in the first quarter of 2022. Set for completion in 2022, the facility will manufacture 3 million passenger and light vehicle tires as well as 500,000 truck tires a year. The plant will ramp up to full capacity by 2024, according to Tatneft.

The factory, which is expected create more than 1,100 jobs, will primarily supply tires to the Russian, Kazakh and central Asian markets.